Text Adventure Collector is a work of interactive fiction created for the Treasure Hunt Jam (https://itch.io/jam/treasure-hunt). Created using Adventuron Version 1.0.0 Beta 28D (https://adventuron.io/classroom/).


You moved to the northern outskirts of Questlvania for one reason, and one reason alone. You heard the legends that in this town are no fewer than Ten Legendary Text Adventure Games, scattered about the land, waiting to be found. And you're just the person to achieve the unimaginable. Will you Ensnare the Ferocious Wompus? Shall you Tame the Wily Bibble Fish? Dare you Solve the Shopkeep's Terrible Riddle?! Journey On, Brave Adventurer, for only Time and Text Parser will tell!


  • Click "Run Game" to play game within browser.
  • Navigation: Compass Directions (N, S, E, W, etc.) UP/DOWN, ENTER, EXIT.
  • INVENTORY lists all items currently held.
  • HELP displays this message in-game.

General Hints:

  • Typing "Hint" will give location/context specific clues in-game.
  • You will need to "Search" certain objects to progress, different from "Examining" or "Looking."
  • Without spoiling, only one of the "Treasure" items is used in the solution to a puzzle. They're not all just there to look pretty.
  • A basic (though by no means complete) Map of the game is also provided here: https://imgur.com/a/2BG045n
  • Complete Walkthrough is available on this game's Submission Page for the Treasure Hunt Jam: https://itch.io/jam/treasure-hunt/rate/579987 

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